Getting Clojure by Russ Olsen

This is maybe the best programming book I've ever read. Not sure I've ever read one front to back as I did with this one.

I started out at Clojure for the Brave and True which on first glance seemed similar to Learn Python the Hard Way. I have completed LPTHW previously and found it very effective.

Clojure is so different however, that understanding it more conceptually is very helpful. Brave Clojure includes some functions and aspects of Clojure in early examples that are not explained well off the bat - the early section on 'let' lost me initially. All that said, now that I've finished Getting Clojure, I will probably go back to Brave Clojure for the more LPTHW experience.

Other books I tried are Living Clojure by Maier and Programming Clojure by Miller -- however I abandoned each after ~25% in favor of Getting Clojure because they had the same conceptual issues as Clojure for the Brave and True.